Top 10 Places in Antigua_and_Barbuda - 2017

In 1st place is the Nelson's Dockyard. Nelsonís Dockyard is one of the most important tourist attractions in Antigua. It is located in Nelsonís Dockyard National Park. The name comes from Horatio Nelson, who was once a commander in the dockyard. The dockyard is about 45 minute drive away from the capital of St. Johnís.
In 2nd place is the St.John's. St. Johnís is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda. The population was recorded as 24,226 in 2000 and the city serves a commercial center for the country. It has been used an administrative center since 1632, when Antigua and Barbuda islands were colonised first. It is also the biggest city in the country today.
In 3rd place is the Great Bird Island . Great Bird Island is a very small island which is located three kilometers to the northeast of Antigua. It measures around only 81,000 m2 , making it smaller than most city parks. Different and rare species of animals can be found on the island, including Antiguan Racers (a type of snake) and Brown Pelicans.
In 4th place is the English Harbour. English Harbour is a settlement situated on the island of Antigua, in Antigua and Barbuda country. This settlement is located at the very south of Antigua. According to data from 2008 its population counts 640 people. Formerly Royal Navy base, now itís a touristic point, especially for boating.
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