Top 10 Places in Barbados - 2017

In 1st place is the Andromeda Gardens. Andromeda Gardens is a botanical garden of surface area of 2,4 ha which is located in the village of Bathsheba, in Saint Joseph Parish on Barbados (on the eastern side of the island). The garden was founded in 1954 and now itís a big tourist attraction of Barbados.
In 2nd place is the The Parish Of Saint Peter. Saint Peter Parish is one of eleven parishes in Barbados. It is named after its saint patron, Apostle Peter. Formerly, as the whole island, it was covered mainly with sugar cane fields which accounted for the major income from Barbados. Nowadays the parish became a tourist hot spot.
In 3rd place is the Harrison's Cave. Harrisonís Cave is a huge cave in Barbados and itís one of the biggest tourist attractions in this island country. It was first mentioned in documents from 1795 and then totally forgotten. The cave was re-discovered not till 1976 by Danish speleologist Ole SÝrensen and Barbadian Tony Mason.
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