Top 10 Places in Finland - 2018

In 1st place is the Helsinki Cathedral. A beautiful church built in the scenery of central Helsinki, Finland. It was built as a tribute to Grand Duke, Nicholas I, the Tsar of Russia. The church has a rare design which incorporates the Greek Cross Plan i.e. a square central mass and four arms to enrich the beauty of the church.
In 2nd place is the Finnish Laplands. The largest and the northernmost region of Finland is the Finnish Laplands. The Regional Council is attended by the municipalities in the province. It is considered the traditional home of Father Christmas (Joulupukki).
In 3rd place is the Turku. Turku is a medieval city situated at the mouth of Aura River on the southwest coast of Finland. It is the oldest city in Finland and is an important location for business and culture. Due to its historical importance, it has witnessed a lot of past events and has contributed to the Finnish History.
In 4th place is the Rauma. Rauma is a town and municipality on the west coast of Finland. Rauma is best known for the old wooden architecture of its centre and its high quality of lace. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name Rauma comes from the Germanic word strauma, meaning stream.
In 5th place is the Temppeliaukio Church. A Lutheran church in the Toolo neighborhood of Helsinki is the Temppeliaukio Church. The main attraction of its architecture is the natural light entering through the gazed dome on top. It was a regular venue for concerts because of its excellent acoustics. This was because of the internal architecture of the church made up of rough and un-worked rocks.
In 6th place is the Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna, is a favorite picnic spot for the locals of Helsinki, Finland and is a well known tourist spot for people all around the globe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an inhabitant sea fortress build on six islands. The fortress was build in 1748 as a protection from Russian Expansionism.
In 7th place is the Ateneum. Located at the centre of Helsinki, Ateneum is a major museum in Finland. It also housed the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and University of Art and Design Helsinki. It has a varied collection of classical art in Finland. The museum is owned by the government real estate provider Senate Properties.
In 8th place is the Hame Castle. Hame Castle is a historical castle in Hameenlinna, Finland. It is located in the city centre, on the coast of Lake Vanajavesi. It was originally located on an island.
In 9th place is the Linnanmaki. Linnanmaki is a wonderful amusement park in Helsinki, Finland owned by non-profit Lastan Paivan Saatio (Children Day Foundation). Having a lot of attractions like arcades, games, kiosks, restaurants and a performance outdoor stage, Linnanmaki is a famous landmark of the place.
In 10th place is the Korkeasaari. Korkeasaari is an island in Helsinki, Finland. It is well known because it has the country’s biggest zoo. The striking feature of the island is that the zoo is located on a 22 hectare land. A bridge connects the island to Mustikkamma. Water busses and ferry take visitors from the mainland to the island.
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