Top 10 Places in Germany - 2018

In 1st place is the Berlin Wall. Berlin wall is the landmark barrier between West Berlin and East Germany, which closed the border between East and West Berlin for 28 years. Known as the “Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart” in the Soviet Union and in the German Democratic Republic the Berlin Wall is an iconic symbol of the Cold War.
In 2nd place is the Jasmund National Park. Jasmund National Park is a reserved park in the northeast part of Rugen Island in Meckleburg – Vorpommern, Germany. Rising 161 meters high above the Baltic Sea, are large chalk cliffs for which this nature reserve is famous for. It is the smallest national park in Germany founded in the year 1990.
In 3rd place is the Berlin Zoological Garden. Oldest and the most popular zoological garden in Germany is the Berlin Zoological Garden. It is located in Berlin’s Tiergarten with more than 1,500 different species and over 17,000 different animals. It portrays an efficient collection of various species of animal. It also has an aquarium; the zoo together with the aquarium has an annual footfall of over 3 million visitors.
In 4th place is the Reichstag. Constructed to house the Reichstag parliament of the German Empire, Reichstag is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany. The Reichstag seized to operate as a parliament during the Nazi Era, but it dates back to the times of the Holy Roman Empire. Reichstag is a German name which refers to building.
In 5th place is the Dresden Frauenkirche. Located in Dresden Germany, Dresden Frauenkirche is a Lutheran Church. The church was destroyed during the World War II, but is reconstructed as a landmark symbol of reconciliation between former enemies. An Anglican Evensong in English is held in the church sent from St. George Anglican Chaplaincy in Berlin every once in a while.
In 6th place is the Cologne Cathedral. Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located in Cologne, Germany. Cologne Cathedral is the seat of Archbishop of Cologne presently Cardinal Joachim Meisner. The church is under the administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne. It is a popular monument of Christianity, particularly of the German Catholicism.
In 7th place is the University Of Heidelberg. University of Heidelberg is a public research institute located in Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It was founded in 1386 and is the oldest university in Germany. Comprising twelve faculties and offering undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorial courses, Heidelberg is one of the most reputed universities in Germany. It was accredited as a co-education institution since 1899.
In 8th place is the Heidelberg Castle. Heidelberg Castle is a famous landmark of Heidelberg, Germany. It is the most important of the Renaissance structures in the north of Alps. It is 260 ft above the northern part of Koingsthul hillside and dominates the view of the old down-town. The earliest part of the castle was built before AD 1214.
In 9th place is the Berlin Film Festival. The Berlin film festival is one of the greatest film festivals in world. It was established in 1951. The festival is shown by 20,000 professionals from more than 130 countries. More than 4200 journalists are responsible for the exposure of the festival in 110 countries. The most respective actor and actress are seen in the red carpet.
In 10th place is the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg gate is one of the great symbols of Berlin and Germany. It is the only gate left from which Berlin was once entered; it was commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace and harmony. It was built by Carl Gotthard Langhans from 1788 to 1791.
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