Top 10 Places in Greece - 2018

In 1st place is the Ruins Of Kameiros. Kamerios is an ancient city on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. It was formerly a municipality. It is constituted one of the three city states on Rhodes and was the heart of an agriculture region. It is located northwest on the coastline of Rhodes. It is now a municipal unit stretching into Central Rhodes.
In 2nd place is the Syntagma Square. The Syntagma Square is located in the central part of Athens, Greece. It was named after the constitution that was granted to the people after the popular and military uprising. The constitution was granted by King Otto in the year 1843. The Syntagma Square is a frequent site for political demonstrations.
In 3rd place is the Benaki. Benaki is a museum established by Antonis Benakis in memory of his father Emmanuel Benakis in 1930. It is located in Benakis family mansion in downtown Athens, Greece. It has many Greek art works from pre-historic age. It also has an extensive collection of Asian Art. The museum even focuses on Greek Culture over the span of the country’s history.
In 4th place is the Odeon Of Herodes Atticus. Located on the south slope of the Acropolis of Athens, Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone theater built in 161 AD by Herodes Atticus. It was built in memory of his wife Aspasia Annia Regilla. It was used as a venue for music concerts with a capacity of 5,000. Odeon of Herodes Atticus was originally a steep-sloped amphitheater with a three-story stone front wall.
In 5th place is the Olympia. Olympia is a site of the Olympic Games in ancient times. It is a sanctuary of ancient Greece located in Elis. The Olympic Games were held every four years or Olympiad and was started further than 776BC. The first Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus, the Greek God, in the Olympia.
In 6th place is the Temple Of Zeus. It is an ancient Greek temple in Olympia, Greece. It is dedicated to the chief of gods, Zeus. It is an extravagant model of the Doric order Greek temple. The temple stands amidst the most important sanctuary dedicated to Pan-Hellenic deities and was established towards the end of Mycenaean period.
In 7th place is the Meteora. Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest and most important complexes in Greece, which belongs to the Eastern Orthodox Monasteries. It comprises of six monasteries built on natural sandstone rock pillars at the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios River and Pindus Mountains located in central Greece.
In 8th place is the Acropolis. Acropolis also known as Citadel in English is a city on elevated level on the extremity in Greek. It is for the purpose of defense that people used to choose elevated ground to build a settlement. In many parts of the world these types of cities have been nuclei of large cities, such as modern Rome.
In 9th place is the Church Of The Holy Apostles. Church of the Holy Apostles is located in Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, in 550. It is also known as Imperial Polyandreion. It became a seat of Ecumenical Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church when Constantinople fell to Ottomans in 1453. It was demolished by Ottomans to make way for the Faith Mosque.
In 10th place is the Temple Of Poseidon. The temple of Poseidon was constructed in approx 440 BC. It was built over the ruins of a temple from Archiac Period. It rises approx 60m from the sea. It was designed in the typical Hexastyle. It had a front portico with 6 columns. It is located in a promontory named Cape Sounion. The temple resembles Poseidon, the god of sea as in mythology.
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