Top 10 Places in Jamaica - 2017

In 1st place is the Dunn's River Falls . Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica and in whole Caribbean region. It’s a waterfall situated close to the town of Ocho Rios, in the north part of Jamaica, in the St. Ann Parish. The waterfall is visited by thousands of people each year.
In 2nd place is the Port Antonio. Port Antonio is situated in the county of Surrey, in parish of Portland, on the north-eastern coast of Jamaica. It’s the third biggest port on the island and the capital city of Portland. According to data from 1991 the city had a population of 13 246 people then.
In 3rd place is the Doctor's Cave Beach Club. Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, known also under the name of Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club, is one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica. It is located in Montego Bay, the capital of St. James Parish and one of the biggest cities on the island (second by area and third by population).
In 4th place is the Nine Miles. Nine Mile is a village in Saint Ann Parish in Jamaica. The village is located in the north part of the island, a few miles from Brown’s Town (one of the most important cities of Saint Ann). Nine Mile is famous from being the birthplace of Bob Marley.
In 5th place is the Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach (known shortly also as SMB) is a world famous beach on Grand Cayman island on the Caribbean Sea. SMB is the most developed and luxorious area on the island. Despite suffering serious damage during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the resort attractions are being rapidly rebuilt.
In 6th place is the Runaway Bay. Runaway Bay, unlike its name may suggest, is not a bay but a town. It is located in the northern part of Jamaica, just by the coast, in Saint Ann Parish. It is a very popular touristic place, among others thanks to a bit controversial resort called Hedonism III.
In 7th place is the RIO GRANDE. Rio Grande is one of the largest rivers in Jamaica. Its name means in Spanish language “Big River” and was given to the river by Spanish conquerors in 15th century. The river is located in Portland and became one of the main touristic attractions in this portland.
In 8th place is the Spanish Town. Spanish Town is second biggest city in Jamaica and former capital of this country (from 16th till 19th century). It is located in south Jamaica, in the parish of St. Catherine, in the county of Middlesex. Its population counts 162 359 people (according to data from 2010) and is growing fast.
In 9th place is the Bob Marley Museum. The Bob Marley museum is located in Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica. It was established in Marley’s house which was as well the home of Tuff Gong record label, founded by the musician’s band, The Wailers, in 1970. The museum is dedicated to Bob Marley and reggae music.
In 10th place is the Rose Hall Great House. The White Witch is a nineteenth century story about Rose Hall mansion in Jamaica where Haiti woman married to plantation owner, Annie Palmer, was killing her husbands and lovers when they started to bore her. For many years the story was an inspiration for seances and novel writers and the background for made-up stories about haunting.
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