Top 10 Places in Luxembourg - 2018

In 1st place is the Little Switzerland. Little Switzerland is the nickname of a region located east of Luxembourg. The region has a geographic similarity to Switzerland and so it is known as the Little Switzerland.
In 2nd place is the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Notre-Dame Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in Luxembourg City. It was previously a Jesuit church. The cornerstone was laid in the year 1613.
In 3rd place is the Grand Duke Jean Museum Of Modern Art. Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art also known as Mudam is a museum of modern art located in the south of Luxembourg City. It stands on the site of the old Fort Thungen, in the Kirchberg quarter located in the north-eastern part of the city.
In 4th place is the Fort Thungen. Fort Thungen is a fort of historical importance and is located in Luxembourg City, in the south of Luxembourg. Fort Thungen is sited in Drai Eechelen Park, in the Krichberg quarter located in the north-eastern part of the city.
In 5th place is the National Museum Of Military History. National Museum of Military History is a national museum located in Diekirch, in the north-eastern Luxembourg. It includes exhibits of military vehicles and weaponry, lifesize dioramas which displays military servicemen in action and a photographic archive.
In 6th place is the The Family Of Man. A photographic exhibition curetted by Edward Steichen is known as The Family of a Man. It was first shown in 1955 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 273 photographers in 68 countries gave an amazing 503 photos which were selected from almost 2 million photographs submitted by famous and unknown photographers.
In 7th place is the Moselle River. Moselle River is a river that flows through Luxembourg, France and Germany. It is a left tributary of the river Rhine and joins it at Koblenz. It also drains a small part of Belgium through the Our.
In 8th place is the Bernkastel-Kues. Bernkastel-Kues is a famous wine growing centre on the Middle Moselle in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is state recognized health resort, seat of the Verbandsgemeinde of Bermkastel-Kues and birthplace of one of the most famous German polymaths, the medieval churchman and philosopher Nikolaus von Kues.
In 9th place is the Cochem Castle. Cochem is the biggest place in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Cochem is Germany’s second smallest district seat with under 5,000 inhabitants. It has belonged to the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem since 7th of June, 2009.
In 10th place is the Burg Eltz. Burg Eltz is a medieval castle situated o the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier in Germany. The Burg Eltz is still owned by a branch of the same family who lived there in the 12th century. The Kempenich branch of the family uses a part of the castle but The Rubenach and Rodendorf families home in the castle are open to public.
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