Top 10 Places in Malta - 2018

In 1st place is the Grand Harbour. Grand Harbour is a natural harbour located on the island of Malta. Since the Phoenician times, it is used as a harbour. It was a natural harbour which gradually improved with extensive docks and wharves. It has been massively fortified.
In 2nd place is the Marsamxett Harbour. Marsamxett Harbour is referred to as Marsamuscetto in many of the ancient documents. It is one of Valetta’s two natural harbours located on the island of Malta.
In 3rd place is the Valletta. Valletta is the capital of Malta. It is in the central-eastern portion of the island of Malta. It is a city of historical importance. Valletta the name is traditionally reserved for the historic walled citadel that serves as Malta’s principal administrative district. It forms part of a larger continuous urban agglomeration and is often referred to as “Greater Valletta”.
In 4th place is the Mnajdra. Mnajdra is a megalithic temple complex located on the southern coast of Mediterranean island of Malta. Mnajdra was built around the fourth millennium BC. The Megalithic Temples of Malta are one of the ancient religious sites on the earth. It is described by the World Heritage Sites as “unique architectural masterpieces”.
In 5th place is the Ggantija. Ggantija is a Neolithic, megalithic temple complex located on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. It is earliest of the series of megalithic temples in Malta. These temples are more than 5500 years old and some of the world’s oldest manmade religious structures. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 6th place is the St. Paul's Cathedral. St. Paul's Cathedral is a late 17th century cathedral in Mdina which stands on the site of the house of the governor Publius. The governor was supposed to have met St. Paul when he was shipwrecked on the coast of Malta.
In 7th place is the Malta Island. Malta Island is an independent nation state and is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta consists of three main islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino. Valletta is the capital city of Malta and has the largest harbor on the island. Malta is a well developed island as compared to its sister islands Gozo and Comino.
In 8th place is the Tigne Point. Sliema which is considered to be Malta’s most fashionable residential town has a 30 acre shoreline peninsula at its tip which is known as Tigne Point. It is a place of modern apartments, hotels, cinemas, shopping complexes and much more. The entire area is under thorough development.
In 9th place is the Rotunda Of Mosta. Rotunda of Mosta is a notable church in Mosta, Malta. It is a main tourist attraction in Mosta and is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. It is well known for its unsupported dome which is the third largest of its kind in the world. It is known as Rotunda due to its round shape.
In 10th place is the Fort Saint Elmo. Fort Saint Elmo is a fort located in Valletta, Malta. It guards the approach to Marsamxett and Grand Harbor. The fort is of a great historical importance and was a primary defense during the Great Siege in the year 1565. Once which was a small fort built during Aragonese rule was later reformed by the Knights who visited Malta.
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