Top 10 Places in Poland - 2018

In 1st place is the Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It lies on both the banks of the Vistula River. It became the capital in the year 1919. It was a major centre of Jewish life and culture before the World War II. The Jewish community was the largest in Poland and Europe.
In 2nd place is the Cracow. Cracow is a city in Poland known for its restaurants, nightlife and sightseeing. It is the capital city of Malopolskie also known as little Poland. It lies on both the banks of the river Vistula. The city of Carcow is the second largest city of Poland.
In 3rd place is the Slowinski National Park. Slowinski National Park is a reserve park which preserves the most beautiful part of the Baltic southern coast. The park is known for the biggest sandy dunes in Europe. The land covers plants, forests, peat and beautiful landscapes. The park is listed in the World List of Biosphere Reserves.
In 4th place is the Gdansk. Gdansk is a city located in Poland on the Baltic Sea. It is the capital city of Pomerania. It is a part of a Tri-City with Sopot and Gdynia. It is one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea and has varied excellent architecture.
In 5th place is the Zamosc. Zamosc is a town in Poland. It is a historical city centre and is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The city is a perfect example of a Renaissance town. The town has an extravagant innovative approach of town planning and features of urban ensemble.
In 6th place is the Collegium Maius. Collegium Maius is the museum in the Jagiellonian University which is the oldest university in Poland. It is situated at the corner of St. Anna and Jagiellonska Streets. It dates back to the year 1400, during the reign of King Wladyslaw Jagiello.
In 7th place is the The Tall Ships' Races. The Tall Ships' Races is a race that is organized for training to sail “tall ships”. It is held to develop an interest in young minds in the field of sailing. It also focuses on international friendship as a primary goal. The races are organized in Europe waterways and are around several nautical miles.
In 8th place is the Bia?ystok. Bialystok is located in the north-eastern region of Poland. It is the largest city in the region and is also the capital of Podlaskie Voivodship. It is a very popular city interms of tourist attractions. There are many natural attractions in and around the city.
In 9th place is the Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lichen. Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen is located in Greater Poland. It is situated in a village named as Stary Lichen, close to Konin. It is the largest church of Poland and is the seventh largest church in Europe. It is the eleventh largest church in the world.
In 10th place is the Masuria. Masuria is a lake region located in the northeastern part of Poland. It is popular for its 2,000 lakes. It is a part of two other lake regions which are the Masurian Lake District and IIlawa Lake District.
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