Top 10 Places in Portugal - 2018

In 1st place is the Estadio Do Dragao (Stadium Of The Dragon). Estadio do Dragao, also known as the Stadium of the Dragon is a football ground located in Porto, Portugal. It has a seating capacity of 50,400. The stadium was inaugurated in the year 2003. It is the home ground of F.C. Porto. The stadium is one of the certified venues of UEFA.
In 2nd place is the Casa Da Musica. Casa da Musica is located in Porto, Portugal. It is situated on a travertine plaza and is adjacent to the Rotunda da Boavista. It is basically a concert hall place and is made of white concrete shell houses. It has a main concert hall with a seating capacity of 1300. It also has a small 350 seater hall, rehearsal rooms and recording studios.
In 3rd place is the Vasco Da Gama Bridge. Vasco da Gama Bridge is located in Lisbom, Portugal. It is a cable stayed bridge which was designed and constructed after years of planning. This bridge was constructed at a record time for a bridge construction. The centre of the bridge is cable stayed and the front and rear are rare concrete, box girder spans.
In 4th place is the Jeronimos Monastery. Jeronimos Monastery also pronounced as Hieronymites Monastery was constructed in 1502. It is located at the entrance to Lisbon Harbor in Portugal and is one of the finest examples of the Portugal artwork.
In 5th place is the Lisbon. Lisbon is located in Portugal. It is the capital and the largest city in Portugal. Lisbon is one of the most populous urban area in the entire European Union. It is towards the western end of Portugal. It is the only capital city along the Atlantic coast.
In 6th place is the Porto. Porto is Poland’s second largest city. There are a lots of places of attraction here in Porto apart from it being majorly an industrialized area. Holiday resorts near the coast like Espinho, ports such as Matonsinhos, sea food and traditional fishing towns like Povoa de Varzim are the ones renowned for visits.
In 7th place is the Tagus. Tabus River is the longest waterway in the Iberian Peninsula. It originates in the east-central part of Spain and moves west through Portugal for around 1,007 kilometer. The river submerges into the Atlantic Sea near Lisbon.
In 8th place is the University Of Coimbra. The University of Coimbra is located in Coimbra, Portugal. The University was established in the year 1290. The university is one of the oldest one in the European continent which is functional till date. It is one of the largest higher education and research institutions.
In 9th place is the Mafra National Palace. Mafra National Palace is a baroque located in Mafra, Portugal. The palace-monastery is built using the Italian neoclassical architecture. The palace was built to rival the Spanish palace outside Madrid, Spain. The monastery is more inclined look like the Pope’s official residence.
In 10th place is the Lisbon Oceanarium. Lisbon Oceanarium is an oceanarium located in Lisbon, Portugal. The Ocenarium is situated in the Parque das Nacoes, an exhibition ground used for the Expo’98.
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