Top 10 Places in Sweden - 2018

In 1st place is the Borgholm Castle. Borgholm Castle was a benchmark for Italianate Bastion Style The castle ruins are 5000m2 in size, roughly the size of a football field. Borgholm, Sweden is located on the island of Oland in the Baltic Sea, and is home to 3093 residents, is connected to mainland Sweden by the Oland Bridge.
In 2nd place is the Oland Bridge. 100000 Cubic metres of concrete were used to build the bridge There is an adjacent replica made of wood to connect mainland Sweden with the small island of Svino, but is restricted to bicycles and tourists on foot, and is only 150m in length. It can be seen from the towering larger twin next door.
In 3rd place is the Fryken Lakes. At its deepest, the Fryken measures 120 feet, and is 3km wide at the broadest section, additionally, it is 62 metres above sea level. In Östra Ämtervik, one of the small surrounding towns of the lakes. The Nobel Prize in Literature winner Selma Lagerlöf is buried . There are over 15 boat launches and marinas, along this picturesque region in Sweden.
In 4th place is the Bohusl. In 1660, was the location of the funeral for Charles X Gustav of Sweden. Fishing villages were built during a huge bumper of Herring for around 50 years from 1747-1809, before that time, forestry was its main industry and lumber its main export. Not only was herring lucrative, but the exports of lumber lessened for all the construction happening in the villages.
In 5th place is the Gothenburg Museum Of Art. A city of over 550000, the Gothenburg Museum of Art is one of the city’s prized tourist attractions. The Michelin Green Guide, which awards Michelin stars to travel and tourism spots, awarded the museum with this honour, as they called it ``Worth the stop``
In 6th place is the Liseberg. The original layout of the park, in 1923, cost the city over 2.6 million Swedish dollars(kronors) to build. Honor Place was opened at the Park in 1977, which features handprints from visiting celebrities from around the world, starting with 50, today there are more than can be counted according to sources. Liseberg Rabbit was introduced in 1983, and has served as the parks mascot ever since
In 7th place is the The Rohsska Museum. Permantly on display to compliment the seasonal and special exhibits, the museum offers: Rohss history (1851-present), Japanese design, China, the 1700's, Masreliez Room, Stockholm Room, Falk Simon Donation, and the Baroque Room. The Museum is also open six days a week (excluding Monday) at noon. Information courtesy of (
In 8th place is the Halmstad. In 1897, the First May Day celebration was held. A Festival which represents Labour Day and has roots dating back to Pre-Christian Times, is celebrated on May 1, each year. The City of Halmstad, located in the Municipality of the same name, is home to over 90,000 Swedes.
In 9th place is the Jonkoping. Home to music group The Motorhomes and lead singers of music groups, the Cardigans (Nina Persson); ABBA (Agnetha Faltskog); and singer Amy Diamond. Also the birthplace of Lillian Asplund, one of the 700 or so survivors of the Titanic sinking in 1912. Became property of Sweden on May 18th, 1284
In 10th place is the Lake Vattern. The lake is home to various species of dragonfly, shrimp, and molluscs, unique to this area. Also, a lot of the species, in this lake are thought to have been deposited here during the glacial period. The Lake has an average depth of 41m and isabout 642km around. Also it is located 88m above Sea Level.
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