White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal (Russian Federation )

The city of Vladmir was founded in 1108 by Kiev Prince Vladmir Monomach. It has a number of religious and secular monuments. The Cathedral of Assumption is located here and was considered to be the most important religious centre in all of Russia. It was constructed in the town of Kremlin and is a single dome structure made on six piers. The interior consists of a number of important paintings among which Last Judgement is the most famous. The church is a fine example of Baroque architecture. The area also comprises of other monumental achievements namely The Golden Gate which was a part of the 12th century defences. It also comprises of the Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin and the Staircase Tower. Suzdal is another city which is famous for the monuments. It is 25 kilometers from Vladmir. There are several cubic churches dating back to 16th and 17th century which are located here. The most significant monuments are Convent of the Deposition of the Holy Robe and the Refectory Church of the Assumption.

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